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Success Coaching

What actions are you putting off, and why? What are you committed to accomplishing, yet obstacles stand in your way? Who is counting on you at work, at home or in the mirror? The Future is NOW, and it’s time to create and implement your plan to succeed!


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What People are Saying

I recently made a career change, and Laura was with me every step of the way. She assisted me in determining what it was that I really wanted, encouraged me to aim high and reinforced the belief I had in myself to land the job of my dreams. She is that person you need when you are freaking out and second guessing your talent minutes before the interview. We had several sessions where she would prep me ahead of each interview, assisting me with follow up and next steps, etc. The result? After a move across the country and double my previous salary (almost triple), this wasn’t just a career change. It was a life change, and I couldn’t be happier! 

Kadja Mendes

Senior FP&A Analyst


Silicon Valley, CA, USA

“As an overachiever, I had several projects and goals on my radar at once. Laura assisted me with prioritizing those which were most meaningful, as well as creating a plan for those which were impeding my progress. I am grateful for Laura’s help in mapping out the vision for the future of my business.

I highly recommend working with her.”

Francine Straw

Long Island, New York, USA

"Laura has a strong, practical and clear approach to coaching. She is less about philosophy and more about doing, being and achieving. She'll help you to see it like it is, then will provide you the right amount of encouragement and guidance needed to take action."

Sergio Navarretta

Film Director

Ontario, Canada

"As a business owner, I continually seek new ways to remain competitive when it comes to company perks. When presented with the opportunity to provide life coaching as an employee benefit, I said “Why not!?” My right hand in the company capitalized on the opportunity and, bottom line, he knows I care and collectively we benefit. Nothing to lose, and loyalty to gain!"


Colleen Huffman


Visionary Executive Search

Boise, ID, USA

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