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Taking Notes

Business, Career, and Professional Development

Sharpen your soft skills and achieve your goals in the
areas of leadership, performance, sales, negotiations, time management, communication and career
mapping. Your next level of success awaits you!

Our Head Coach

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Laura Burgess
Master Certified Professional Coach

As a corporate executive, global speaker and entrepreneur, she's a risk taker and a dream maker. She gets those over-achievers who want it all yet may feel behind or overwhelmed at times. She intuitively guides you, evokes renewed commitment and celebrates your wins!


Laura has been globally recognized as a business, career and leadership mentor, an expert trainer of sales and soft skills and a weight and wellness consultant. She offers a refreshing approach to setting and achieving life goals and to date has delivered 100+ conference workshops, developed 1,000+ leaders and trained 10,000+ sales professionals.


As the mother of two young men, the wife of a gentleman she makes older by the day and a turbulent yet rewarding roller coaster of a life, she offers a unique lens to help you wink at life's challenges before playfully dancing them to sleep!


She is a life strategist and success coach subscribing to the belief that "you cannot take someone further than you have been or further than they are willing to go". She is a mindset shifter, converting doubters into doers.

Are you ready?

"Few things thrill me more than witnessing clients break through years, sometimes decades, of barriers ... within weeks!"  

-Laura Burgess

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